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CEO & Co Founder - Anouk Moll

With a broad educational background in both the Netherlands at Maastricht University, and in the USA at UC Berkeley, Anouk has a wide variety of interests. At the age of 23, she decided to leverage her knowledge and network in the tech industry to start her first start-up in the Netherlands.

Having had first hand experience in raising equity, she wants to use her platform as the CEO of Binfluence to attract female tech talent and diversify the industry.  Her goals are to let Binfluence grow to become the leading influencer marketing platform in Europe, while nurturing the innovative and diverse culture of the company. 

For inquiries, contact: anoukmoll@binfluence.com 

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Co Founder - Nina Keuschnigg

With a background in marketing and sales, Nina is part of the founding team of Binfluence. As a former professional dancer, she loves the creative parts of setting up and growing a company. While living in South Africa part time, her goal is to assure the best possible service Binfluence can offer to all its creative individuals on the platform. 

For inquiries, contact: ninakeuschnigg@binfluence.com

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Developer - Danny Huisman

Having years of experience with developing platform software in both the profit, and non-profit sector, Danny is our software hero. He leads the software development team at Binfluence. 


HR advisor - Lonneke Buitendijk

Lonneke has been our HR advisor since 2018, and a much loved team member. With a passion for Mommy and Fitness blogs, she is keen to offer us her advice in both of those industries. 


UX Designer - Ryan Wilmes

Ryan is a recent graduate student, and a motivated member of Binfluence. With a passion for research, design and innovation; Ryan manages implement all of those areas in the front end of our platform. His original designs in combination with a solid researched validation, improve the user experience for our clients on a daily basis. 


Graphic Designer - Noa Moll

As an Artez alumni, the young talent Noa is responsible for the rebranding of Binfluence in 2019. Her designs have contributed to creating an own identity for Binfluence as a brand.