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Match making

We believe that the foundation of any successful influencer marketing campaign starts with creating the best possible match between your brand and an influencer. The influencer will become a natural advocate for your brand, who will create an authentic message to deliver to your target audience.

Binfluence guarantees the best possible match between your brand, and the influencers in our database. This matching process is done based on your campaign goals, which you will determine within our platform, and a data set provided by both you and our influencers. 

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Data driven decision making

Based on the goal of your campaign (which is either to create leads, conversion or exposure) we will make a selection of influencers for you. You can filter even further by determining the geographical area of your target audience, their age or their interests. By doing so, Binfluence will recommend to you the influencers that have the highest probability of creating the highest results, based on your needs. 

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Influencers Overview


We believe that creating a successful influencer marketing campaign does not have to be hard, that is why our influencer marketing platform is easy to use, regardless of the size of your brand. Whether you want to find influencers on a micro level, or on a nation wide level; we can offer you both. Additionally, influencer marketing does not have to be expensive! We encourage our clients to test locally with a small budget and scale up, influencer marketing as a tool can be used to test traction on different markets conveniently. 

Using the platform is free –  there is no subscription and you can decide to leave us at any point (although this is not what we hope for). Our business model is commission based and transparent, which means you only pay a 10% to Binfluence once you start a collaboration with an influencer. If you need help with setting up the campaign, or you want to receive a free consultation, feel free to send us an email and we are happy to assist you! 

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Influencers Detail

Early adaptor sign up

The first version of the platform will be launched in the summer of 2019. In the meantime, we encourage you to sign up as an early adopter via the link below. You will get exclusive access to features before everyone else. Currently you can only register and create a profile, but you will get exclusive early access to weekly software updates. 

Companies such as Adidas, Hema and Reebok trusted us with selecting the right influencers for their brand. Click on the link below if you want us to do the same for your brand!