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How does it work?

There is no registration or membership fee at Binfluence. Every brand can sign up, start planning their campaign and browse for influencers. Binfluence works on a commission base
fee. We simply take a commission over the fee you pay an influencer. No hidden costs and no hassle.

Binfluence is the perfect tool to boost your digital presence and sales. Quickly scale up your business by using influencer marketing. Controlling your influencer marketing campaign from the start to the very end.


Browse for influencers in our database. Refine your results according to key features of your target audience


Simply add influencers to your campaign or send them a collaboration request


Analyse the results during and after the campaign. Track the impact of your campaign in terms of exposure, engagement rate and return on investment.



the right influencer for your brand



the right influencer for your brand



the right influencer for your brand


Our influencers know how to engage their audience. That’s why it grows. Fast.

Target their audience in detail.


We make it happen

With an extensive background in sales and marketing our team believes in the power of influencer marketing. With an increasingly digitalized world, consumers are looking for an individual, more authentic approach rather than mass marketing. We believe influencer marketing is the only way brands can actually connect with their audience.

Influencers are intrinsically motivated to express their creativity. And we want to create a platform for influencers to actually get paid for their creative expressions. Why? Because we love the results of their creativity! We get inspired by it every day.

Our Roadmap

We work hard. But all good things take time. Currently we are in development mode. Sign up below. So you’re one of the selected few who can join our beta. Start influencing the easy way in Q1 2018.

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Q4 ‘17
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Q1 ‘18
Q2 ‘18

Become an early adopter! Sign up now to be the first to get access to the database of Binfluence.

Once Binfluence 1.0 is launched in March 2018 you can access the platform already 
before everyone else and help us improve it before the public launch.

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