Eggs, billionaires and a new office?

At the start of this year two social media records were broken. As of the 14th of January 2019 the Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa is the new world recoldholder of the most retweeted tweet on Twitter. In total his tweet has been retweeted 5.2 million times. But not only on Twitter records were broken, also Instagram saw a new phenomenon rise: the World_record_egg account was a hype at the start of 2019. With a simple stock photo of an egg, the page started as a joke to beat the world record of most liked picture on Instagram which was until then in the possession one of the most famous influencers Kylie Jenner. They managed to break the world record by getting 53 million likes (and counting!). With nearly 10 million followers the founders of the Egg Instagram page collaborated with Hulu during the superbowl by posting a series of cracking eggs. A smart move from Hulu, as this led to Hulu getting high levels of exposure with a young target audience.

The founders of the Egg Gang (as fans of the page call them) quickly became world famous by using the internet. Bot cases are examples of how effective social media can be to reach various audiences, if used correctly. And this is exactly what Binfluence does; create the right match between brands and influential internet personalities. Whether it is an egg, billionaire or fashion stylist.

We have been creating the right match between influencers and brands for about a year now, for a wide range of clients; from vegetarian burgers with So Fine to sneakers with Reebok and beauty products with Hema. But similarly to the new Twitter and Instagram record holders, 2019 has brought some major new adventures for Binfluence as well!

First of all, as of the 1st of January 2019 Binfluence is the proud inhabitant of the office building Betahuis in Heerlen, the Netherlands. If you are curious to how our office looks like, follow us on Instagram and Facebook to get a sneak peak! We will also introduce all our employees, founders and partners through our social channels.

Besides moving into our own office, the kick off of our software development started in the last quarter of 2018 as well. Whereas we have been an influencer marketing agency up until 2019, our long term aspirations were always clear: to automate the process of creating the best possible match between a brand and an influencer. If you want to receive more information with regards to the technical aspects of the platform, please check out this page The Network Page

What is important to know with regards to our platform development is that as of today you can register as a influencer on our platform! So if you are an influencers, and if you want to collaborate with some of the brands in our portfolio (Reebok, Adidas, Hema and TopVintage to name a few) we highly recommend you to go to this link and create your account (it is free, and no strings attached!) Apply Now Page

If you are a brand and you want to join our group of early adopters, or are interested and want more information please send an email to To give you an impression of the work we have been doing with some of our early adopters, you can check out our Instagram page.

If you just want to come by in our office to talk about eggs, billionaires and drink good coffee; feel free to send us a message anytime! Our office door is always open for you.