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Our Philosophy

Binfluence is an exclusive network that believes in the power or creativity. Where brand influence is becoming less organic, we believe the way forward is a return to honest relationships forged through creativity. By bringing brands, creators and agencies together under one umbrella, we’ve provided the freedom of possibilities and the platform to build authentic connections to create real influence.

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University of Cambridge FMCG
Philips Innovation Award
The Next Web
Cambridge University FMCG Open Innovation Finalist
Philips Innovation Award Finalist
The Next Web T500
The creators of our network

Team behind Binfluence

Block 3 - Anouk Moll

Anouk Moll

Founder & CEO

Block 3 - Danny Huisman

Danny Huisman

Chief Software Development

Lonneke Buitendijk

HR Officer

Block 3 - Ryan

Ryan Wilmes

UX Design

Noa Moll

UI Design

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