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Our philosophy

Our philosophy is that by creating the best possible match, both brands and influencers will gain the highest results from campaigns. We do this by implementing three main pillars into our software: authenticity, creativity and measurability. 

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We believe that you should have the ability to chose who you want to work with, and get paid for doing so. Your audience follows you for a reason; what interests you will interest them. Therefore, we want to make sure that you get collaboration offers that are in line with the message you are creating for your audience. By using our platform, we will guarantee that you will only receive relevant collaboration offers over which you have the authority to decide to accept them or not. 

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You are able to set your own fee, terms and conditions and method of interaction. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to use our software, so you can focus on the creative process. Our software is designed to give you as much creative agency as possible. We will not dictate what text you will have to use, or how the pictures have to look like. You get the creative freedom, we will make sure the rest runs smoothly. 

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One of our validated core assumptions is that to execute a successful collaboration, we have to be able to measure the results according to the goal of the campaign. Based on whether the goal is to create exposure, leads or conversion we will evaluate the campaign. Why do we evaluate your results? To be able to make a better match between you and a brand in the future. We want to motivate long term collaborations. 

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Why join our influencer marketing platform?

Why should you join Binfluence? Because we value your opinion, and we can use this during different stages of software development. Currently you can only create an account as an influencer on our platform, as no other features are available yet.


But if you register as an influencer now, you get exclusive access to weekly software launches. As an early adopter, you can tell us how we can improve the platform as we are creating it. And did we mention that you will be part of a small group who gets exclusive access to brands such as Adidas, Hema or Reebok? 



Register now

Do you want to be part of an exclusive group of early adopters? By clicking on the link below you can register on our platform, so you will be the first to get access to premier brands to collaborate with. No strings attached! You can use our platform without any costs, as we work with a commission based system. Our business model is transparent, we will take 10% of any collaboration. No cure, no pay. 



Do you want to be the first to access premier brands such as Adidas, Reebok and Hema to collaborate with? Register now via the link below, create a profile and you will be able to try out our software before it launches this summer.