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How does it work?

We enable brands to find you based on the demographic features of your followers, the industry you are active in and your fee. We simply enable you to become visible for all brands who are interested in your respective criteria. Our emphasis lies on creating a good match between you and the brand. We want to give you the power to decide over who you want to work with.

There is no registration or membership fee to join Binfluence. We simply take a 5% commission fee once you collaborate with a brand. But we leave it up to you to set your own price and chose who you want to work with. The only requirement to join Binfluence is to have at least 5000 followers on either Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.

We want to empower you by giving you a tool for turning your passion into a profitable business. Earning money while doing what you love to do, sounds good right?

Besides offering you a platform to showcase your creative skills to possible partners, we want to encourage brands to pay for this content. For this reason we set a minimum fee of €50,- a brand has to pay for a collaboration. We want to encourage brands to actually pay you, so you can turn your passion into a revenue stream.



the right influencer for your brand



the right influencer for your brand



the right influencer for your brand


Our influencers know how to engage their audience. That’s why it grows. Fast.

Target their audience in detail.


We make it happen

With an extensive background in sales and marketing our team believes in the power of influencer marketing. With an increasingly digitalized world, consumers are looking for an individual, more authentic approach rather than mass marketing. We believe influencer marketing is the only way brands can actually connect with their audience.

Influencers are intrinsically motivated to express their creativity. And we want to create a platform for influencers to actually get paid for their creative expressions. Why? Because we love the results of their creativity! We get inspired by it every day.

Our Roadmap

We work hard. But all good things take time. Currently we are in development mode. Sign up below. So you’re one of the selected few who can join our beta. Start influencing the easy way in Q1 2018.

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